Areas of Expertise

Urban Planning and Environmental Law

Today, Urban Planning Law is inseparable from Environmental Law, which in its turn is now inevitably connected to urban planning matters.

VIEIRA, COSTA GOMES has taken part in various licensing procedures with a high environmental component, joining multidisciplinary teams along with specialists from different fields in order to eliminate failure risks or minimise the legal obstacles to the approval and implementation of the our Clients' projects.     

Through its partner Filomena Vieira, VIEIRA, COSTA GOMES directly monitors the following procedures:

  • Urban planning operations, in particular allotments and licensing procedures, especially in the areas of tourism enterprises, industrial facilities, and commercial and sport centres.
  • Land reparcelling operations.
  • Legal consulting in the scope of urban rehabilitation and heritage protection
  • Direct monitoring of environmental impact and environmental incidence assessment procedures
  • Legal consulting on all matters related to the Reserva Ecológica Nacional (REN - National Ecological Reserve), Reserva Agrícola Nacional (RAN - National Agricultural Reserve), Rede Natura 2000 (RN2000 - Natura Network 2000 ), among others.