Areas of Expertise

Public Procurement

The Public Contract Code highlights two essential and interconnected goals: the betterment of acquisition procedures, covering a great number of both public and private institutions, associated with the implementation of a dematerialised pre-contractual procedure based on a system of electronic platforms.

Therefore, both for contracting institutions and competing entities, the principles of sound management and efficiency and effectiveness in the contractual process must allow for economically and socially rational decisions. With the purpose of offering its Clients a new approach strategy for this specific reality, VIEIRA, COSTA GOMES provides individual legal services by its partner Filomena Vieira, namely:

  • Legal consulting on the type of procedure to be chosen, possessing vast experience in public works contracts, public service concession, provision of services and supplies, particularly in the fields of telecommunications, computer systems, I&D, and health care.
  • Multidisciplinary elaboration of procedural documents, including the definition of the evaluation model, as well as all legal acts pertaining to contracting decisions.
  • Elaboration and monitoring of contracts, along with all the relevant acts concerning their execution.
  • Rendering of in-house workshops in order to improve personnel skills.